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My circuit will not route completely automatically
With some circuits, particular ones that have lots of components, the automatic router may not have the room to convert all of the net connections into copper tracks.
Once finished, the software will use green nets to indicate that connections that the user must resolve. The presence of green nets does not constitute an error, just that there was not enough space for a route to be automatically placed in the indicated position.
You should note that the conversion of a circuit diagram into a PCB layout is not meant to be a purely automatic process. With many circuits you will be required to make modifications to the PCB and/or adjust the positions of the components prior to automatic routing.
Hints and tips
The following hints and tips should help you with circuits that cannot be routed completely automatically.
The number of net connections routed will depend on the thickness of the tracks chosen and also whether you are routing on one or two sides of the board. For higher completion rates, choose thinner tracks and/or two layer routing.
If you are routing with thinner tracks, it can also help to ensure that you are using smaller component pads so that the tracks can be routed through the legs of components, particularly ICs.
To manually position components prior to auto routing, you should convert the circuit diagram to a PCB layout but not select the automatic routing option. You can then move the components before choosing the Route All Nets... command.
Net connections are locked by default to stop them being deleted by accident. If you want to delete a net connection, you must first uncheck the Lock Nets option.
Once the automatic routing has stopped, clicking on the Undo button will reverse the automatic routing, allowing you to move components and try again (as many times as required).
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