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Which files do I need when exporting to Gerber?
Circuit Wizard and PCB Wizard allow you to generate Gerber files from your PCB layouts so that they can be manufactured.
Gerber files can be generated by drawing or opening a PCB circuit layout and then choosing the Export Gerber... command.
What files are generated by the Gerber export?
After selecting the Export Gerber... command, you should ensure that the settings are correct for your circuit. Of particular note are the layers that you are planning to export.
The Gerber files generated will vary depending on your circuit, but typically there will be several files with a '.gb <number>' extension (where <number> is a single numeric digit), an NC drill file with a '.drl' extension and a text report file with a '.inf' extension.
How can I check that the Gerber files are correct?
You can use free third-party Gerber viewer software to check that the Gerber files generated are correct for your circuit. For example:
GC-Prevue (a free Gerber viewer by GraphiCode Inc.)
ViewMate (a free Gerber viewer by PentaLogix Inc.)
Which of those files should I send to the manufacturer?
When sending a circuit to a manufacturer, you should include all of the files that are generated by the Gerber export.
In addition to the various Gerber files produced by our software, we also recommend that you include a description of your board and request a proof of the final PCB artwork that you can check before commencing production.


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