PCB Wizard 3
  Educational edition
    When the history of software comes to be written we will all have a bundle of nominations for the Chamber of Horrors. Most software is OK if you persevere in the fight to get on top of it. Just occasionally a program turns up which is head and shoulders above the mob. You still have to learn to use it but that's no hardship because you feel the writer has got it right, even designed it just for you. For me, at any rate, PCB Wizard is in this class.  
    Our overall impression is very favourable. The package is very user-friendly and blissfully simple to use.  
    Just purchased PCB Wizard, great product.  
Ron Brutus, Augustana College
South Dakota, USA
    During the Summer, Nuffield Design & Technology ran a series of electronics INSET courses for teachers. I took the opportunity in these courses to talk a little about computer aided PCB design and gave teachers rather less than an hour to get to grips with PCB Wizard and undertake some simple design. Noting that the majority of these teachers did not describe themselves as experts in electronics, it is a credit both to them and the software that they not only succeeded in this task but also enjoyed it.  
    Control Studio combined with PCB Wizard is truly outstanding. It may not be for the purists, however if you are a teacher and you want quick results with minimal fuss then this is what you need.  
    As a department resource it is excellent value and looks destined to become the automatic first choice of design and technology departments.  
    Both programs [Livewire and PCB Wizard] seem excellent and were exactly what I needed (as a Professor of Pharmaceutics I need to stay ahead of the students and electronics was, in the past, usually just a matter of fixing the car!).  
Clive Wilson, Glasgow, UK
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